[WARNING: Contains 18+ Furry/Anthro Erotica with the option of fetish play]

You are a young Bachelor Wolf who's been given an interesting proposition for the evening. A friend of yours has a shy, young adult brother, Frederik the Fox,  who has recently come out as gay, but far too nervous to try dating or persuing a relationship. 

Unsure precisely how to help, your friend has sent his brother to you in hopes that you can teach him how to date another male, and perhaps help him get over the great hurdle of the 'first time.' 

Be kind or kinky with your new charge, and enjoy making a lasting memory for you and Frederik. 


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So its only one?


Can you supply a download so we can also play it offline on mobile, or any browser?
If not, not a big deal.


Hello! I apologize for the late response, but I've seen your request and will make this available for download as soon as possible.